Northern Railway has announced number of Puja Special Trains 2013 to clear extra rush of passengers during the festival seasons. Railway decided to run more than 1452 trips of Festival Special trains from the Northern Railway zones. Following are the list of Puja Special Trains announced by Northern Railway.

List of Puja Special Trains 2013
List of Puja Special Trains 2013
  • Train No.08034/08033 between Anand Vihar Trml.- Santragachi (weekly)
  • Train No.04051/04052 between Anand Vihar – Jammu Tawi (Tri-weekly)
  • Train No.04203/04204 between Varanasi – Delhi Jn. (Tri-weekly)
  • Train No.04201/04202 between Lucknow – New Delhi ( Tri-weekly)
  • Train No.04031/04032 between Delhi Jn. – Ambala Cantt. (Daily)
  • Train No.04033/04034 between New Delhi – Udhampur (tri-weekly)
  • Train No.03125/03126 between Kolkata – Anand Vihar Trml. (Weekly)
  • Train No.03113/03114 between Sealdah – New Delhi (Weekly)
  • Train No.03685/03686 Delhi Jn.-Gaya-Delhi Jn.Weekly Superfast Express Special
  • Train No.05903/05904 Dibrugarh – Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Weekly Express Special
  • Train No.05653/05652 Guwahati – Varanasi –Guwahati Weekly Special Express Special
  • Train No.04504/04503 Chandigarh- Varanasi- Chandigarh Tri- Weekly special
  • Train No.04035/04036 Udhampur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Udhampur Tri-Weekly special Express
  • Train No.04002/04001 New Delhi- Patna- New Delhi Tri-Weekly express
  • Train No.04602/04601 Amritsar-Muzaffarpur- Amritsar (Unreserved) Weekly
  • Train No.04314/04313 Bareilly-Darbhanga-Bareilly Weekly Express
  • Train No.04022/04021 Delhi Jn.-Patna- Delhi Jn. Tri-Weekly express
  • Train No.04024/04023 Darbhanga- Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Darbhanga Bi-Weekly Express
  • Train No.02207/02208 Jammu Tawi- Ahmedabad- Jammu Tawi Weekly A.C. Express
  • Train No.04604/04603 Jammu Tawi- Pathankot- Jammu Tawi DEMU (Five-Days-a-Week)
  • Train No.04511/04512 Saharanpur- Ambala Cantt.- Saharanpur Daily Memu
  • Train No.02111/02112 Lok Manya Tilak-Lucknow Jn. AC Superfast Express( Two Trips)
  • Train No.05033/05034 Gorakhpur- Bandra T Bi- Weekly Express  (24 Trips)
  • Train No.05031/05032 Gorakhpur- Lok Manya Tilak Weekly Express (12 Trips)
  • Train No.02815/02816 Bhubaneshwar- New Delhi- Bhubaneshwar A.C. Superfast Weekly Express
  • Train No.09807/09808 between Hazrat Nizamuddin-Kota- Hazrat Nizamuddin Daily Super-fast
  • Train No.04735/04736 Bikaner-Haridwar-Bikaner Weekly
  • Train No.04733/04734 Sriganganagar-Jammu Tawi-Sriganganagar Weekly
  • Train No.02393/02394 between Anand Vihar T.- Patna – Anand Vihar T (Bi-Weekly)
  • Train No.05030/05029 Anand Vihar T.- Lucknow Jn.- Anand Vihar T.
  • Train No.05036/05035 Anand Vihar T.- Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar T. (Weekly)
  • Train No.01451/01452 Lucknow Jn.- Pune, 01683/01684 Lucknow Jn.-.Bhopal
  • Train No.05517/05518 Saharsa- Ambala Cantt.- Saharsa Bi- Weekly
  • Train No.05521/05522 Darbhanga- Ambala Cantt.- Darbhanga  Bi- Weekly
  • Train No.02109/02110 Lokmanya Tilak T.- Hazrat Nizamuddin- Lokmanya Tilak T.
  • Train No.04113/04114 Allahabad- Udhampur- Allahabad Weekly express
  • Train No.09003/09004 Mumbai Central- New Delhi- Mumbai Central Bi- Weekly Super fast
  • Train No.03003/03004 Howrah- Jammu Tawi- Howrah Weekly Superfast
  • Train No.05523A/05524A Saharsa- Anand Vihar T.- Saharsa Mail
  • Train No.02448/02447 H. Nizamuddin-Manikpur Weekly express
  • Train No.04812/04811 Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Phulera Bi-Weekly Express
  • Train No.04053/04054 Anand Vihar T-Jammu Tawi-Anand Vihar T Bi-Weekly Express
  • Train No.04506/04505 Chandigarh-Varanasi  Express
  • Train No.09707/09708 Jaipur-Lucknow Jn Tri-Weekly Express
  • Train No.09005/09006 Mumbai Central-New Delhi-Mumbai Central Bi-Weekly AC Express
  • Train No.09407/09408 Ahmedabad-Lucknow-Ahmedabad Weekly Express
  • Train No.05101/05102 Anand Vihar T-Chhapra-Anand Vihar T Weekly
  • Train No.05027/05028 Anand Vihar T-Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar T Bi-Weekly Express
  • Train No.05523/05524 Saharsa-Anand Vihar T-Saharsa, 04506/04505 Chandigarh- Varanasi- Chandigarh Express
  • Train No.04053/04054 Anand Vihar T.- Jammu Tawi- Anand Vihar T. Bi- Weekly Express
  • Train No.09021/09022 Jammu Tawi – Bandra(T)-JammuTawi Weekly Superfast Puja Special Train (12 trips)
  • Train No.09303/09304 Indore- Chandigarh – Indore Weekly Puja Special Train (14 trips)
  • Train No.07305 Hubli – Hazrat Nizamuddin Special Train (one way)
  • Train No.01001 LTT – Gorakhpur Special Train (one way)

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